Herbal Essentials

The purity of Himalayan spring water and the power of natural botanicals. Herbal Essential is a natural brand made with pure Himalayan spring water, rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium. Compared to thermal waters, it has been shown to be more effective in cell regeneration. High quality cosmetics, whose mission is to rediscover the well-being and optimize the health of the skin.

ELLE by Collagena

ELLE by Collagena offers innovative cosmetic products, bringing the best tangible results in almost immediate time! The results of research, drawing on the know-how of Laboratoire Collagena Paris, they take up the strong identity of the magazine. We find in ELLE by Collagena masks and patches with the audacity, creativity and energy of the ELLE style.

Laboratoire Collagena Paris

Collagen and targeted cosmetics. Dull complexion, blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, puffiness... every day we notice these imperfections in the mirror and try to fight them with serums and creams, but some imperfections require even more effective help. This is why we have created Hydrogel Collagena, a concentrate of patented technology that offers active, innovative and targeted cosmetic innovation patent and two active ingredients in the basic formulation: Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, essential for hydration and as anti-aging.

Farma Esseline

Esseline is a new and innovative company, located in the "heart" of Milan's business centre.From 2009 Esseline has distinguished itself in the photo-terapeutic sector. They are specialists in researching raw and natural products for the development of our health products. Their priority is the consumer, our valued customer's wellbeing, not the needs and interests of the market. Their philosophy is to continuously research and develop natural medicine for the consumer's overall wellbeing. At Esseline don't use Ogm or chemicals. This makes they products extremely user friendly, easily absorbed by the body and anybody can use them.

Farmaceutici Dr. Ciccarelli

Farmaceutici Dr. Ciccarelli is a company that boasts a presence on the market for decades, trying to renovate itself every year with new products always realized with pharmaceutical rigor at the best quality-price ratio. We have products for the whole family distributed in the mass market, dermocosmetics and foot care items available in pharmacies and premium top quality products for selective luxury channels.

Dott. Nicola Pittoni

SurgicTouch is a cosmeceutical line created by Dr. Pittoni (Aesthetic Surgeon and Dermatologist) to offer his clients a post-operative home product that is consistent with his principles. Declined in two lines, home and professional cabin products, which accompany the woman in a path of habits for skin care and pay attention to what she applies to you with a specific beauty routine.
SurgicTouch has been formulated with the maximum permitted concentration of active ingredients and with ZERO harmful substances, eliminating: Petrolatum-Silicones-Parabens-Dyes.